What is Chatfield Green Roofing?

Servicing New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C and surrounding areas, Chatfield Green Roofing supplies the North East region of the United States with XeroFlor mats grown by Chatfield Green Roofing in Central New York.

XeroFlor mats are non-biodegradable, lightweight, low maintenance, economical, and can be removed 10,15,20 years down the road to perform roof repairs/new roofing and be reinstalled, making them the most sustainable mat product on the market today. Chatfield Green Roofing and XeroFlor are approved by most major roof manufacturers for single source warranties. With the Javits Center being our largest project to date, with 297,000 SF of our product, Chatfield Green Roofing is trusted on some of the largest green roof projects in the United States.

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Javits Convention Center's Green Roof

CBS covered the Javits Convention Center's green roof that was supplied by Chatfield Green Roofing using our XeroFlor Solution. See what they had to say about the project.

Benefits of Green Roofing

There are many benefits of making your roof a green roof with vegetative mats from Chatfield Green Roofing

Is More

Lightweight & Low Maintenance
Smart (e.g. stormwater management)
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Planning for your green roof solution is important. 
We can help answer all of your questions about our XeroFlor solutions and how it can work for your commercial project.
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