CAD Details

Incorporate Chatfield Green Roofing products into your plans quickly and easily by downloading our design files below.

Design Content:

1.XF Roof Drain Internal Paver – Download
2.XF Roof Drain Internal Paver with Edging – Download
3.XF Wall Paver – Download
4.XF Wall Paver with Edging – Download
5.XF Wall Scupper Paver – Download
6.XF Wall Scupper Paver with Edging – Download
7.XF Wall Stone and Edging – Download
8.XF System – Detail at Roof Parapet/Curb with Ballast – Download
9.XF System – Detail at Vent Pipe with Ballast – Download
10.XF(+) Roof Drain Internal Paver with Edging – Download
11.XF(+) Roof Drain with Ballast & Edging – Download
12.XF(+) Wall Scupper with Perimeter Paver & Edging – Download
13.XF(+) Wall with Perimeter Ballast & Edging – Download


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